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Federica Gorgerino | Federica Pryntyl

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Federica is an inspiration to us because of her keen eye for illustration and design, as well as her codes of environmental ethics. Her love of the outdoors and desire to protect its future seems to be the driving force behind her creations. Her Instagram page is full of tips for eating, buying and living more sustainably – you go girl!
Read more from Federica below:

1. Briefly describe your job/role and how you got there

I’m the designer of my line of bags and the creator of the related artistic project. The project is born from the desire to raise awareness of ecological issues in a creative way : every bag represented a character who bring a message apparently non- sense. Inside of the bags we can find a note with the explication of every topic aborded with some advice to help people at deepen the ecological matter.

2. Who/what is your inspiration – in design and in life?

I take my inspiration from all the arts that transmit me a message with irony and that give me questions. I like philosophy and I find it was a great help to ask myself the right questions and give life to a reasoned project

3. Tell us about a favourite creation – this could be a recipe, cosmetic product, piece of art, garment, moment, or life hack

My favourite creation is my David Bowie’s bag design. It was the first design of the line and also the one to which I am most attached

4. Tell us your favourite way to pick yourself up and/or unwind
I like hiking, running and swimming and in general all sports that allow the body to express itself freely

5. If you could ask the ladies in India a question, or give a piece of advice, what would it be?

I’d like to know what Indian women think about their work and if they’ve ever thought about creating a line of bags for them to communicate something about themselves