Our factory

A community of likeminded people, uniting across 3 key pillars: People, Planet and Product.

We are Bags of Ethics. We are designers, producers, tailors, shippers, packers and consumers. We are academics, writers, business leaders, business owners, clients, and customers. We are a community of likeminded people, uniting across 3 key pillars: People, Planet and Product.

We are the people behind the product, the planet that provides materials and resources to create some of the best accessories for our customers.,  and the product itself.

We aim to bring you a transparent approach to sustainability, and through our business practices, aim to educate and inspire others to want to join us at our end goal of protecting both people and planet through sustainably and ethically manufactured products. 

We do not want to continue to destroy our planet.

We want to be a part of the climate revolution and THIS is our manifesto

Dolphin in sea

1- Sustainability

Whilst we have gone green, we don’t greenwash. We have the facts and figures to back up our claims. We are on a journey towards creating a brand that backs sustainability, and we want to learn about the process together. 

BOE Family

2- The future is gender equity

The future is gender equity – women are at the very centre of everything that we do. Our factory in Pondicherry, South India, has a 90% female workforce. These women are pillars of their community, with several of them as main breadwinners for their families. Equally, we ensure that our male workers are also working with us on our vision and we cherish our workers as the people behind the products should never be forgotten.

gender equality 1

3- Science driven

We don’t share information or sell products that are not approved. We use information and advice from top scientists to help us develop our products and business.

4- Material business

All merchandise will be produced using either organic, upcycled, recycled, or deadstock material.

5- Protecting the planet

The inks used will be REACH compliant (non-toxic dyes), all items will be reusable at least 500+ times, no single-use plastic packaging or items to be seen, and vegan certification across all products.

6- Supply chain

we have a 100% owned factory with full transparency across our supply chain. We know where each and every part of the product has come from, whose hands it’s been through, and where it’s going to end up. Name a person along the supply chain, and we’ll tell you about them.

7- Proud on price

We have a fully transparent and fair approach to our production prices, charity donations, and pricing strategies, and all our products are sold at the right price for both our supply chain, and consumers.

8- Product

We not only bring our consumers great quality products, which are priced fairly, and made in an ethical and sustainable manner, but we also educate them on where their product came from, and how they can change their behaviours as a consumer, to help work collectively towards a more circular economy. We not only bring our consumers great quality products, but we ensure our products are created with full creativity and innovation. We intend to bring new ideas and we want to inspire to inspire our customers when they purchase our product.

Through every step of our business we aim to inspire and educate. We don’t just churn our product, we want to create a community of educated individuals who want to work together to help bring about the social change needed to help combat climate change.