Our mission is to make a positive change in consumer behaviour from disposable to reusable.

We champion the people and planet behind the products, by shining a spotlight on all elements of the supply chain.

Our history

(16 billion and counting)

Our history started with a reusable bag, replacing single-use plastic bags for supermarkets (16 billion and counting). Our journey has continued into food, fashion, retail, and beauty. We’ve reinvented re-use for packaging, face masks, wrapping paper, plastic bottles, disposable coffee cups, and beauty cleaning items.

Responsible Design

(a designers community)

We encourage behavioural change through incredible design, and collaborate with some of the best global designers in London, Paris, Milan, LA, and New York.  Some names include Mulberry, Julien Macdonald, Giles Deacon, Ganni, Preen, RIXO, Halpern, Matthew Williamson, Henry Holland and RAEBURN.

Christopher Raeburn

The Female Lead

(90% female workforce)

Supporting communities is in our DNA. 90% of our workforce  in our factory in Pondicherry in South India (Supreme Creations is the manufacturer), are women. With one of the lowest worker turnover rates in the textile industry, these women are local forces for good– they train, lead, and uphold key skills.

Creativity + Community

(giving back)

Our charity partnerships include NHS Charities Together, Queen’s Green Canopy, British Fashion Council Foundation, Wings of Hope Children’s Charity, Sport/ Comic Relief and various smaller charities and local groups across the UK.

Nurture Nature

(our accreditations)


(our expertise)

We obsess over our products to make them truly reusable, and produced at scale to make them affordable. With over 1000+ years of team experience and over 2,000 eyeballs and hands involved in the design, and production process, our Which? Accredited and award-winning products are guaranteed to be reused at least 50 – 5,000+ times. Each yarn, stitch, and drop of ink has been analysed, and re-analysed. Life-cycle analysis has been conducted in partnership with University College London.

Smiley label

(an ethical label)

Our humble little label started as an inconspicuous addition to our products, but now sits proud on retail shelves and promotional items with some of the best brands in the world from Boots, Google, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, British Airways and more.

BOE label
Julien MacDonald bags

Let’s do better together

(join our mission)

We need your help as consumers, scientists, academics, designers, tailors, and farmers, to tell us what improvements you want, and what other disposable items we can help eliminate. Please feel free to push us to do better. We embrace the fact that sustainability is a continuous journey.