Over the years we have run successful charity projects raising essential funds through the sale of our products.


Fundraising projects through the sale of merchandise include Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Graduate Fashion Week, the BFC Foundation Fashion Fund for the Covid Crisis, UNESCO, Water Aid, and The Wings of Hope Children’s Charity to name a few.


Bags of Help campaign – launched to support front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations of bags and care packages have been given for doctors to use for scrubs, to teachers, ambulance drivers, and care workers. For requests please email with full details which can be verified.

Food Banks – we give away over stock bags, aprons, and teatowels to local food banks and places of worship in the UK.

India projects – we giveaway protective gear and packaging for slum projects, and voluntary projects who look after the most underprivileged children, and families in India.

All charity requests are verified, and sadly we are not able to support all requests but we are very grateful for the amazing work done by small and large organisations to service a more positive outcome for our society and planet.