Our accredited manufacturer Supreme Creations – www.supreme-creations.co.uk owns the factory in which all of our bags are made. Situated in South India, 9/10 of the people working at the factory are women. These women are pillars of their community, with several of them as main breadwinners for their families. The women lead and are involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process – including non-traditional roles. Their roles include working in the cutting teams, merchandising teams, tailoring, printing, quality control, and packing. We cherish them, and constantly remember and celebrate the work which they do for us, as the people behind the product should never be forgotten.

Meet some of these incredible women here, and follow us to read about their individual stories @bagsofethics

Translated from Tamil the native language of South India.

“I’ve been working at Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics for 12 years and I love what I do. It is like a family atmosphere here – my managers are not like in other factories – they are like my friends. If I have any troubles at home I can talk about them to the team here and they are so understanding – just like sisters. I feel that coming to work gives me a lot of energy and pride. The other weekend we went on our yearly trip to a beautiful hill station in South India called Kodaikanal. The trip was so fun – we sang, danced, and observed the beautiful nature. Please share your stories with us, and send us photos – we love seeing them. Lots of love.” – S Lakshmi

Unity in Diversity

At the partner factory for Bags of Ethics (Supreme Creations) there is a great sense of respect within the community. Whether it is about gender, religious background, which region of India the team are from, all team members are respected and celebrated.

It’s also not all about the women! The men at the factory share a balanced workspace across all production and merchandising areas with the women.

Festivals from different religions are also celebrated and respected whether it is Diwali, Pongal, or Navratri, to Ramadan, Eid, Christmas or Budhha Jayanti. There are places of worship and meditation areas for all staff members – including the tree temple area.