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Evie Keough | Boromi

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Evie is the founder of Boromi – an award-winning social enterprise that helps to give every child a fair start in life. Evie and her team do this by empowering families to connect, talk and play together at home, where it matters most. Boromi works directly with primary schools and nurseries and they’re always looking for new teachers and families who’d like to join them to become Boromi Borrowers! If you are interested or know of anyone who is, please get in touch or spread the word. Evie is an IWD inspiration to us because of her happy outlook on life and her keenness to share her positivity with other families. Read more from Evie below:

1. Briefly describe your job/role and how you got there
I am the Founder of an early years social enterprise, Boromi. I launched Boromi in 2018, following winning the Teach First Innovation Award for an idea I had been trialling out in my classroom to help support families with home learning. The award is designed to support small ideas with big potential to tackle educational inequality in the UK and since winning the award we have already reached over 1000 families with exciting plans in the pipeline to keep learning, growing and making a difference to families across the country.

2. Who/what is your inspiration – in design and in life?
Without a shadow of a doubt, my parents. They have played – and continue to play – such a huge part in shaping the person I am and want to be. Having been fortunate enough to grow up within an incredibly supportive home environment, it’s no coincidence that I have ended up launching a social enterprise that champions the importance of families connecting, playing and talking together at home in the early years!

3. Tell us about a favourite creation – this could be a recipe, cosmetic product, piece of art, garment, moment, or life hack
Does it count to say my new daughter? As a first time mum of a new baby, I simply couldn’t think of a creation that I am more proud of!

4. Tell us your favourite way to pick yourself up and/or unwind
For me, it’s always just getting myself outside. Even if just a stroll down the road, a trip to the supermarket or – if I’m lucky – a muddy country walk, that never fails to pick me up. With a new baby, it’s easy for days to fly past and before you know it you haven’t left the house for days. So my goal is a little bit every day, no matter how small, to keep the cabin fever away!

5. If you could ask the ladies in India a question, or give a piece of advice, what would it be?
I would love to ask the ladies who are mothers what their – and their child’s – favourite game or activity to play at home would be? ????