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alternatives to plastic bags

Reusable bags

Did you know our bags can be reused over 5,000 times? They are made from strong, sustainable materials and come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore we can create a reusable bag of any design that can be used over and over. They are perfect alternatives to plastic bags and packaging.

Why providing reusable bags is good for my business?

Firstly and most importantly, it is good for the planet and helps reduce plastic pollution by being used an alternative to plastic bags. We work with all sorts of businesses who use the bags in different ways, but all as an alternative to plastic. Retailers will hand them out in stores for a  small cost instead of plastic bags, holiday agencies will provide them for their holidaymakers to use throughout their trip instead of consistently using single-use plastic and others will hand them out at tradeshows to avoid a build-up of unwanted plastic.

Secondly, reusable bags are a great advertising tool, individuals will walk around with your personalised, reusable bag with your logo and perhaps social handles inviting any passers-by to check you out.

It’s a win-win!

Wholesale reusable bags

We can create your reusable bags in wholesale numbers, our minimum order is 200 and we have no maximum unit number. The more you order the less the cost is per unit and we can create a mock up example, so you can always try before you buy!

All our bags come with the Bags of EthicTMlabel, so not only will your bags be a great alternative to single use plastic they will also promote ethical working conditions that support women into work in India.

Send us your information today and let us create you an immediate quote!