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Your strategically placed logo will draw the attention of passers-by

According to research made by the Oxford Strategy Group, when customers carry your branded reusable bag in London it can be seen up to 10,000 times! They are a walking billboard for your brand name and logo seen by so many potential customers.

Passive advertising

This is a passive form of advertising, not filling your potential customers inbox with targeted emails or taking up their Instagram feed with your well-edited posts. They happen to see your logo and brand while getting on with their day, sparking their interest without bombarding them.

Logo can be seen from a distance

They say size doesn’t matter, it depends who’s looking. A large jute bag with an eye-catching print, your logo and company name is bound to be seen by many. On the train commuting to work, across the park on a summers day or even over the road in a shop window.

Can be short and sweet- not a long email or effort for the consumer to have to read/click

Short on time to plan and undertake a large marketing email campaign? Too busy to draft detailed correspondence or better yet do have time but don’t want to give your lovely customers too much reading to do after a busy week. Put it on a bag and have the word spread for you!

Bag can include information regarding events, campaigns and contact details

Not only is a bag a chance to boost your eye for beautiful design, but it can also be used to gain more social followings by printing your social tags, if a passer-by is amused by your funny slogan or in love with your stunning artwork, they will see your @ and get following. Also use bags to advertise an event by printing the time, place and your logo. See the people come swarming, discussing the beautifully designed bag that convinced them to attend.

Can be handed out as gifts to potential consumers in a face to face interaction

A customer is much more likely to remember a face-to-face interaction, creating memory of meeting you and always associating their lovely tote bag or draw string canvas with you and your generosity. If you’re feel extra friendly, even use these branded bags to contain even more gifts- a sure fire way to gain loyal customers and mentions on social media.

Keep it eco-friendly

Not only will a uniquely designed bag advertise your and but it will also show your company as eco- conscious and respectful of the environment which the modern day consumer will definitely appreciate- win, win!

Seasonal products

Designs and styles can be relevant throughout the year- beach bags in the summer,backpacks for sport events and large market shoppers with cute winter animals for Christmas shopping. Keep your customer loyal, let them know they can rely on you any time of the year to offer them seasonal bags.

The gift that keeps on giving

Promotional bags are kept and used for longer than any other promotional product, while flyers and emails are glanced at and then put in the literal or digital junk. A bag is used over and over for food shops, beach trips and day-to-day commutes.

Create other textiles that match the branding artwork of your bag

We also create a variety of other textiles including wash bags, make up bags, aprons and tea towels. So along with your branded, reusable bags being the ideal tool for advertising, you can also partner it with a matching productfor the ultimate giveaway.