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McDonald’s Urged To Scrap Plastic Toys From Happy Meals By Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey


Sara Spary, journalist of the British magazine HuffPost has written an article about the Fastfood giant’s consideration to stop making plastic toys for the Happy Meal and all this by the British Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey.

She expressed her wish at a conference of the British Conservative Party. Coffey says it is of inestimable value to regard as a large Fast-food chain like McDonalds recognize and brings up the difficult battle against plastic.

The British government is increasingly trying to promote public reflection on the problem of plastic. Plastic polluted the planet enormously and therefore; its use must be reduced. Since only 11% of all used plastic is being recycled, more needs to be done to prevent plastic contamination.

Companies feel the social pressure to take on the fight against plastic. McDonalds also sees this and replaced its plastic straws by paper strawsas one of the firstFast-food chains.

McDonalds does not want to take away the pleasure of a Happy Meal and therefore has a number of ideas to keep both, the environment and the children pleased. Mcdonalds comes up with recyclable toys and with paper toys.

Recycle Now spokesman is not enthusiastic about this proposal as not all McDonalds toys can be recycled at home. McDonalds responds to this by placing recycling bins in McDonald’s restaurants if they introduce the recyclable toys.

This story underlines that continue the fight against the use of plastic and keep increasing the public reflection on plastic pollution is essential.

Credit Source: Spary, S. McDonald’s Urged To Scrap Plastic Toys From Happy Meals By Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey. Consulted on 2 October 2018 (Huffingtonpost)