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The 10 Best Places to Eat out in London as a Vegan

Best Places to Eat out in London as a Vegan

We have been told that eating planet based or vegan is the single biggest way to reduce your carbon footprint – we at Bags of EthicsTM have adopted a weekly plant based meal to encourage all members of the office to help reduce their carbon footprint. Now somewhat a  status symbol among millennials, being vegan is no longer a hippie fad, and with this new ‘trend’ backed by millions, it is no surprise that in recent years a multitude of plant based eateries have been making a name for themselves across London’s foodie scene. If you are trying to live more ethically, sustainably, or are just looking to be more health conscious, then giving one of these restaurants a go will not only tickle your taste buds, but will also serve up a slice of sustainable culinary delights.

    1. By Chloe – Covent Garden, Tower Bridge, Oxford Circus, The O2

    Previously an infamous New York haunt, By Chloe has made its way across the Atlantic and has opened up in not one, not two, but four London locations. Serving up a plant based take on fast food classics, By Chloe is also an Instagrammer’s dream – complete with trendy décor, and hanging chairs that make for an excellent photo. For those wanting to be more health conscious, the Mexican salad bowl is a delicious lunch time snack, or if you want to go all out, the vegan mac and cheese is so creamy and cheesy that you won’t believe it’s purely plant based.

    Affordable, quick, fun.

    1. Farmacy – Notting Hill

    This Noting Hill icon is a sophisticated haven of health. Serving up immunity shots, macro bowls, and superfood lattes, the millennial jaunt is a big hit amongst the health and wellbeing community. A spot that is perfect for a weekend brunch, or a girls dinner, the menu consists of whole variety of delectable vegan dishes –  our personal favourite are the nachos that come complete with vegan

    ‘sour cream’. Sit amongst the aesthetic leafy foliage, and enjoy a plant based meal that comes served with a side of sophistication.

    Sophisticated, perfect for an occasion.

    1. Mildreds – Soho

    A Soho classic, Mildred’s  has now expanded to several locations across London, all serving up delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes with a side of spectacular cocktails. The menu is filled with hearty curries, delicious desserts, and also features a truly delightful salted caramel espresso martini.

    Cosy, classic, affordable.

    1. Redemption Bar Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Covent Garden If the phrase ‘health is wealth’ is something that you abide by (or aspire to abide by), then Redemption bar is the place for you. It was initially conceptualised to offer an alternative to hangover-inducing Saturday nights, and alongside a delicious selection of tasty vegan meals, it serves a great selection of mocktails –tasty drinks that won’t leave you with a pounding headache and a list full of regrets in the morning.

    Insta-worthy, sin-free and health focused.

    1. Kalifornia Kitchen – BloomsburySynonymous with both modern day veganism and millennials, the colour pink features heavily throughout Kalifornia Kitchen. This is an Instagram dream, and provides the perfect backdrop for many an aesthetic photo. Whilst it is also a great opportunity for a photo, a trip to this pink paradise offers an array of meat-free alternatives, including vegan ‘fish’ and chips.

    Pretty, pink, perfectly instagrammable.

    1. Temple of Seitan – Camden, Hackney

    This place is a palace of vegan junk food, offering an array of vegan fried chicken that comes without the guilt. Burgers, wraps and chicken nuggets are all on the menu, alongside mac and cheese and an array of delightful dips, making it the perfect end of night feast.

    Well priced, deliciously indulgent comfort food.

    1. Tell Your Friends – Parsons Green Fulham

    Situated in the beautiful Parsons Green, you can rub shoulders with reality TV royalty at this restaurant that is the love child of Made in Chelsea sisters Tiff and Lucy Watson.  Tell Your Friends offers everything from brunch, to lunch, to dinner, to Sunday lunch, with an extensive menu of plant based plates. If you are a fan of classic dishes with a vegan twist, in the heart of sophisticated south west London, this is the place for you.

    Modern, stylish, friendly.

    1. Wulf and Lamb – Chelsea


    Another Chelsea favourite, the motto of this vegan eatery is “run with the wolves, eat with the lambs” and “friends who prey together stay together”. It offers an extensive range of dishes, from pizza to avocado toast, to pies to salads, there is something to suit everyone on this all day menu.

    Creative, comfort food, treat yourself indulgence.

    1. Purezza – Camden

    Everyone loves a pizza. It has united nations, mended broken hearts, and comforted many a sore head on a Sunday morning, but Purezza has given this cheesy classic a 21st century vegan twist that allows vegans to still have a slice of the pie. From truffle bases, to vegan sausage, Purezza offers an extensive range of pizzas that even non-vegans will go crazy for.

    Easygoing, affordable, sociable.

    1. Ethos – Fitzrovia

    Ethos is a bit different to your usual restaurant  – you serve yourself, and pay by the weight of your plate. This aside, Ethos offers a huge range of different hot and cold vegan dishes, such as bbq seitan ribs, and roasted cauliflower with chickpeas and toasted almonds. This Fitzrovia gem offers fresh food and the option to try a multitude of dishes all at once.

    Fresh, different, but slightly pricey.

  3. Being vegan is a great option for the animals, and the planet, and with such an extensive array of options, anyone considering a plant based lifestyle can be consoled with the fact that they can still indulge in the likes of fried chicken, and pepperoni pizza. At Bags of EthicsTM we share a vegetarian meal once a week in order to try and reduce our carbon footprint. Whilst eating plant-based foods is one way of helping to reduce your carbon footprint, when eating out we believe that you must still be considerate of other factors. When scoring a restaurant use our PEOPLE and PLANET scale to rate them.PEOPLE: how do they work with farmers and producers across the supply chain? Do they support their front of house and chef team? What is the tip policy – do the team share from a collective pot? Or is it all given to management?

    PLANET: does the restaurant use a lot of single-use plastic – particularly for takeaways? Do they serve organic produce? Do they source locally?


    For more tips, tricks and information about how to live more sustainably, then check out our Instagram – @bagsofethics.

    Daisy from Bags of EthicsTM