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Catherine | Dashel

International womens day 2019

Catherine is the founder of Dashel – an urban cycle helmet company that uses innovative materials and design techniques to encourage people to get outside and make the most of the natural world. All aspects of production take place in the UK, and Catherine knows every aspect of the supply chain inside out. Along with her love and appreciation of nature, her dedication to her products and supply chain is what makes her an inspirational woman to us. Read her IWD answers below:
1. Briefly describe your job/role and how you got there
I am the founder of Dashel, we make urban cycle helmets with a ground-breaking difference; they are designed and made in the UK using innovative materials, to ensure that they are lightweight, slim and long-lasting. I was a former accessories designer and product developer who worked with brands including Nike, Sony and LVMH but I struggled to find a cycling helmet that was light, slimline and stylish, so I designed and made something new.
2. Who/what is your inspiration – in design and in life?
Nature is my inspiration, that is why I wanted to create a product that encourages people to get out there more. Even in the city, if you take the time to slow down and pick a greener route here’s often a lot to appreciate amongst the scenery on your way
3. Tell us about a favourite creation – this could be a recipe, cosmetic product, piece of art, garment, moment, or life hack
I love great design in everyday objects. A gift I treasure and use everyday is a steel cafetiere from the iconic architect and designer Arne Jacobsen for Skandium. It’s classic Scandinavian modern design and it makes good coffee too Being double walled it retains the heat and as it is steel, you can even take it camping!
4. Tell us your favourite way to pick yourself up and/or unwind
My rescue dogs Bramble and Casper cheer me up when times are stressful. Getting out with them helps to clear my mind
5. If you could ask the ladies in India a question, or give a piece of advice, what would it be?
I’d love to know if they get a chance to unwind at the end of the working day, whether it’s with friends and family or via a hobby, or a moment alone.