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war on plastic

TUNE IN AND WATCH TONIGHT “WAR ON PLASTICS” BBC ONE, 9PM. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani will look to tackle the UK’s plastic waste problem in their new series 5 FACTS THAT WILL BE REVEALED ON TONIGHT’S PROGRAMME

  1. Britain’s plastic being dumped abroad Two-thirds of the UK’s recycled plastic is exported to other countries – and Malaysia is taking 10 times more than it was before.
  2. Single-use plastics in our homes 9,500,000,000 pieces of plastic inside UK homes – based on 27 million households in Britain.
  1. Bottled water v tap water Hugh designs his own marketing ploy to see if the general public can tell the difference between them.
  1. Supermarkets and companies need to do more to stop waste Our supermarkets create around one third of all plastic produced in the UK. With most of our shopping items packed in plastic, which often is not recyclable, the series challenges supermarkets at a local and national level – with many doing very little to accept change.
  1. Microplastics from our clothes washing is in the air and in oceans hashtag#waronplastic hashtag#sustainability hashtag#single-use plastic hashtag#bbc hashtag#hughfearnley hashtag#bbcone hashtag#plasticplanet hashtag#blueplanet PHOTO CREDIT: BBC