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Tree-planting scheme to reduce our carbon footprint

georgia pecan trees

At Supreme Creations/Bags of EthicsTM we are always striving to promote environmental sustainability and minimise our environmental impact wherever possible. When it comes to planetary preservation, it is not enough to just manufacture commodities sustainably, it is also important to invest in practices that counteract the impacts of the supply chain as a whole. Something we have been keen to address is the carbon emitted during the transportation phase of our supply chain. One way to minimise carbon emissions is to ship our products via sea freight. This transportation method significantly decreases the carbon footprint of a product, however it is also a longer process than airfreight. We appreciate that some of our clients have tight time deadlines and have no option other than to use airfreight for their projects.
Introducing the Bags of EthicsTM carbon reduction scheme. We plant a tree for every 1,000 units we manufacture. Trees are often referred to as the lungs of the earth because they absorb and sequester carbon during the photosynthesis process. When trees photosynthesise, they also release oxygen and further balance the earth’s atmosphere. Tree planting is a simple yet valuable step towards carbon neutrality that can be taken by the world’s producers and consumers and may play an essential role in controlling global greenhouse gas emissions.