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Jo McKay


Our goal at Bags of EthicsTM is to educate, inform and inspire people to make changes to their everyday lives for the good of the planet. There are innumerable amounts of ways in which each and every person can better their impact on the environment – no matter what your race, gender, age or profession.

We love hearing stories about how other people are making changes to their own lives, as it inspires us to constantly adapt and improve how we operate as an ethical and sustainable business. We love hearing from people who use our bags and support our business, and one such person is Jo McKay.

Jo McKay has been hairdressing for 28 years and specialises in Aveda hair colour. Jo has worked at Aveda as a Hair Colour Specialist for EMEA and has been part of the team for the last 15 years – she currently works in the flagship Aveda store in London . She has played a key role in the creation of Aveda Collections which sets the trends for the season, travelling around the world to teach classes and to participate in shows and events. Jo also focuses on sustainability in her own work, and has offered us some tips on how to keep her work as a hair colourist as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Hair Colouring Practices:

  • Work with a naturally derived hair colour like Aveda which is not tested on animals
  • Mix hair colour as you work as not to have waste
  • Don’t use heat on colour to quicken up processing time to be more energy efficient
  • Use one pair of gloves when colouring don’t use plastic disposables
  • Don’t give the guest water or coffee in plastic cups
  • Don’t use paper mixing bowls which are disposable
  • When washing off colour don’t keep the tap running when not in use
  • Use towels which are biodegradable and eco-friendly, made from certified renewable sources
  • Look for recycled foils instead of plastic or cling film
  • Recycle every box, colour tube, shampoo bottle and piece of paper

These tips prove that no matter what your profession, it is possible to make conscious changes that will positively impact the planet. By saving water, recycling product waste and reducing single-use plastic consumption, Jo is helping with the global effort to save our planet from threats like global warming and plastic pollution.

Jo is also a keen advocate of living sustainably in everyday life, and has connected with the Bags of EthicsTM brand to help her do so:

“I was introduced to “Bag of Ethics” when I went to a Vivienne Westwood Event and was given a bag made from natural materials. As I’m passionate about Environmental Sustainability I always use the bag and keep it with me to stop using plastic bags. Bag of Ethics creates an awareness to our responsibility as individuals to care for the environment. I always look at @bagsofethics Instagram page on new ideas on how we can remove plastic and non-sustainable materials from our lives.”

We believe it is important for businesses and individuals alike to take responsibility. As a business we and our manufacturer Supreme Creations are constantly trying to find more ways to use less water, produce less carbon, and use more recycled or natural materials across our entire product range.

We love hearing about the sustainability efforts of others, and so if you have any tips or ideas that you yourself have implemented, tag us on Instagram, or send us a message to @bagsofethics.

Daisy from the Bags of EthicsTM team