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The Bags of Ethics ™ label is a positive label that promotes the people and the planet behind every product that our manufacturer Supreme Creations produces.

Bags of Ethics ™ is more than just a label. We place great emphasis on the people, the planet and the product. We remember and respect every person that contributes to the item produced, and ensure that each member of our supply chain is paid fairly. We choose materials, inks, and processes that will have a positive effect on the planet rather than a negative one. We believe strongly in trying to be as sustainable as possible in every step of the manufacturing process in order to reduce things like CO2 emissions and single-use plastic consumption. And we make sure that each and every product is reusable, and that most are bio-degradable, in order to help combat issues like plastic pollution and landfill waste.



Bags of Ethics is a positive label that recognises manufacturers and brands that have made conscious efforts to respect people and planet across their supply chains.


Our philosophy at Bags of Ethics is YOU ARE WHAT YOU CARRY ™. Our reusable bags and eco-friendly packaging are produced as ethically and sustainably as possible and are excellent alternatives to single-use plastic. We believe in good design across all of our products – well-designed products will be used and re-used by our customers and will help reduce damage to the environment. By carrying a Bags of Ethics ™ bag, you are helping to positively influence the lives of the people that produced the bag, and also positively influencing the planet by choosing to use a bag that is re-usable, not disposable.

Our message expands far beyond bags, and we use our label and our corresponding social media outlets to educate and inform people on how to make conscious decisions. As consumers, we need to think about the people and the planet behind every product and remember the effects that our consumption may be having on the environment. Through our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels we aim to inspire our clients, customers and followers alike to make positive changes to their daily lives in order to benefit the environment. Our ethos surrounding reusing not disposing of can be extended to many aspects of people’s lives, and we try to show people that even the smallest of changes can make a big difference.

Whilst we do everything we can to manufacture our bags as ethically and sustainably as possible, we understand that there are still ways in which we can improve, and will never claim to be perfect. We are constantly trying to improve along every stage of our supply chain, and place great emphasis on things like trying to further reduce our energy usage, and finding new fabrics that are 100% biodegradable.
We would love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world, and appreciate any advice that you have to offer.

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Bags of EthicsTM is a registered trademark and cannot be used without prior approval. There is a formal auditing and certification process to register for use of this label. It is illegal for anyone supplying or using this label on products which do not have formal certification. If you find improper use of the label please report directly to [email protected]