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Suggestions For the Washing and Sanitising Of Your Mask

sanitising of reusable facemasks

Your reusable mask can be used 50 plus times if worn, washed and sanitised correctly. That’s over 50 single-use plastic-based surgical masks that you will save, which is both good for the preservation of the supply of masks needed for healthcare workers, and for the planet.

Here are some quick and easy steps to ensure the correct cleaning and sanitisation of your mask to help limit the spread of the virus through contamination, and to keep your mask fresh and usable.

1. After use, or once damp, remove the mask and put it in the protective pouch which comes with our masks, if you cannot wash it straight away. This prevents the spread of the virus onto other items that may be in your bag or in your pockets. This is a very important step that helps further stop the spread of the virus even after you no longer need to wear the mask.

2. Wash your reusable mask cloth after use, with soap or detergent, and make sure the soap foams properly. You can wash it in a machine or by hand, it can be washed up to 60 degrees but is also washed just as well in colder temperatures. Colder temperatures help to protect the planet as they prevent the fabric from shedding unnecessary fibers which may enter the water systems.

3. You should then air dry your fabric layer face mask.

4. You should then reuse your mask, and you should be able to reuse it 50 plus times.

5. If you want to add your own filter into your mask, look for the panel inside the mask to insert it in.

6. We advise that you try not to fiddle with your washable face mask when wearing it. This further helps stop the spread of the virus.

7. To recycle the fabric layer mask (if you are no longer reusing it), cut to separate the cotton panels as these are compostable. The elastic loops can be recycled subject to local council regulations.

If you follow these steps whilst wearing, after wearing, and once your mask is no longer in use, you will both help to stop the spread of COVID-19, help to limit the amount of single-use plastic masks used and in turn help the planet, and make sure that your mask lasts as long as possible, making it an economical option for you.

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