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For over 20 years our home and headquarters have been in Brent, London – the second most diverse borough in the UK. This has been a vital strength in our ability to survive and thrive through time.


Through this location we have been able to recruit a talented workforce who are internationally minded, and who resonate with a core value of ours: to celebrate cultures from all over the world. Here is a full list of countries that our teams – past and present – have come from, or have heritages in: Austria, The Caribbean, Djibouti, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Martinique, Netherlands, Poland, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA. We are not a large business, and have not got large committees on recruitment processes, but what we have done is tried to realise that there is strength in diversity. Different perspectives, from different backgrounds can create better products, services, and outcomes. This is reflected in the people we have.

However we want, and will do more.

We pledge to work on building a talent programme for students and new joiners who may not be well represented in the creative and sustainability sectors. We will work with our partners in Brent, and with other organisations, and charities to facilitate more workshops, particularly for BAME students to come to our offices, and see what work we do, and to eventually work for us.

We will look to see how we can work with our teams and suppliers to make sure they feel equally represented – specifically in the visual work that we do. For example, we don’t use external models, and rely on our client base to work with us on setting content. So if you are a creative who wants to support with our strategy – you are welcome to share your work with us.

To our clients, we have always supported startups and growing businesses. In particular we would like to work more with those whose leadership are from the BAME background – we are very proud of our existing clients who are breaking the barriers as female-led businesses, and those servicing the needs of the ethnic communities, but we would love to work with more of you. Contact us on how we can support you as you start, and grow.

Like in sustainability, we are on a journey to make sure we represent the best of humanKIND.

Yours, with love, Bags of EthicsTM