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How to use and care for your mask

how to use and care facemask

Across the globe people are adopting mask use into their daily lives to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fabric masks are reusable, help protect stocks of medical masks that are so desperately needed by healthcare professionals, and help reduce the amount of single-use plastic from being discarded. We want to help you understand how to use your mask safely, properly, and how to ensure that it lasts in order to keep protecting you from the virus on a daily basis.

A fabric mask is great for protecting others from the spread of the virus when used correctly. However it’s not all just about how you use or wear the mask, it’s also about how you care for it. After one use, or when damp, your mask should be removed and washed immediately. If this is not possible in the immediate, then you should put the mask into a protective pouch to prevent other objects/people from becoming contaminated by it. By putting your mask inside the pouch when for example putting it in your bag, you are preventing it from touching your everyday items such as your wallet, which in turn will stop the virus being spread across objects and potentially to other people. Your mask can easily be hand washed using water and detergent, and then once dry can be reworn. It is important to make sure it is kept in the protective pouch when not being worn to avoid contamination.

At Bags of Ethics our masks all come with a protective pouch to prevent such contamination and can be washed and reused 50+ times. As well as protecting you from contaminating others, our masks also help save the planet. They contain no single-use plastic, and help eliminate the need for disposable plastic masks which can be harmful to the environment. For more information and to check out our masks, check out