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Charity in a time of need

charity in a time of needs

At Bags of Ethics we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a lot of people as vulnerable and in need of some extra help at this difficult time. Our company ethos centers around the people and the planet, so in these difficult times we are doing our best to help the people in any way that we can.

Bags of Help

Our Bags of Help campaign centered around us donating 20,000 units of upcycled reusable bags to keyworkers to be used for the delivery of key essentials. The bags are biodegradable and do not contain any single-use plastic, and therefore are beneficial to both the people and the planet. These bags can hold up to 12kg and are being used to transport essentials to our most needy, including the vital deliveries being made to our front-line elderly, at-risk citizens, NHS workers, Police Officers, and Key Workers. Ambulance and paramedic teams are using the bags to remove their clothing and take it home to be washed. Teachers who teach children with learning difficulties have received the bags as little pick-me-ups as thank you for their hard work. Doctors in the London area are using the bags to put their scrubs in to be washed at home, so as to not contaminate the public on their commutes back home. The amazing feedback we are getting is that the bags used are inspiring, nice to carry and don’t contain single-use plastic.

Grocery Gift Packages

We have also organized for all of our factory staff to receive a grocery gift pack for a month’s worth of supply of foods, and provisions to keep them going during this difficult time. The grocery pack includes: rice, idli flour, wheat flour, thoor dall, urud dall, Bengal gram, mustard, split urud dall, refined oil, salt, sugar, and egg – all food items that are used in traditional Indian cooking, so our wonderful factory staff can stay fueled and healthy during this time.

Charity work in India

The team has also been supporting local charitable organizations during COVID with the donation of face masks to large community based/ voluntary organizations. They are all our high-quality reusable masks with the organizations branding on them. Tens of thousands have been distributed across India to those who are on the frontline serving the poor and needy. These include programmes that work on projects for food distribution, care of the elderly, and working with vulnerable and orphaned people.

We will continue to keep helping protect the people and the planet during this time. To see more of what is going on in the Bags of Ethics family, follow us on Instagram @bagsofethics.