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Are face coverings mandatory everywhere?

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Do you wonder where you’re legally obliged to wear a face covering, and where it is recommended to do so? Let us walk you through the “new normal”.

Are face coverings mandatory on public transports?

YES – Non-medical face coverings are mandatory in England from June 15 on buses, coaches, trains, trams, ferries and aircrafts (meaning if you don’t comply you risk getting fined).
Exemptions to the rules include very young children, people with disabilities and those with breathing difficulties.

Are face coverings mandatory on private transports?

Unlike public transports, it is not compulsory to wear a face mask on taxis and private hire vehicles – although the government strongly recommends to do so on all private cars transportation as maintaining social distances is not possible.
However, Uber drivers and users across the country are now required to wear face coverings when using their service. The app’s London drivers also have to show proof that they are following the rules by sending a picture of themselves before work – a measure that could be extended to the whole of the UK.

Where else should I wear a face covering?

From June 15, all hospital visitors and outpatients will be required to wear face coverings in England.
You should also wear a face covering when going to enclosed spaces such as shops and pharmacies, or if you’re visiting a care home for the elderly.

What about the rest of the UK?

Northern Ireland is making face coverings compulsory on public transport from Friday 10 July, and recommends to use face masks in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible, in line with England’s measures.
The Scottish government is not only requiring you to wear a face coverings on public AND private transports, but is also considering making it compulsory in public spaces such as shops.
Wales is the only nation that hasn’t made face coverings compulsory yet – a decision that has been criticised by many.

What about the rest of Europe?

Face masks have been taking over Europe for the past few months: Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Greece have all made face coverings compulsory on public transports.
In Italy, they are also mandatory in shops, and everywhere where social distances can’t be maintained (including outdoors).
In Spain, if you’re over 6 years old, you must wear a face mask unless you can keep a 1,5-metre distance from each other.
In Germany, face masks are compulsory in the majority of public spaces, including schools (for both teachers and pupils). The Germans face up to a £129 fine if they don’t comply (one of the harshest in Eastern Europe).
France is following the same measures as the UK, with the government recently confirming face coverings will be compulsory on public transports until November at least to stop the spread of the virus.
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