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Planet Positive New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year upon us, many of us will be setting goals and making resolutions and intentions for 2021 in order to better ourselves and our lives. But this year, instead of just focusing on how you can help better yourself, why not also implement resolutions that help you help the planet. Lowering our carbon footprint, reducing our waste, and using less plastic are all things that can help make the planet and happier and healthier place, these 5 ideas are resolutions that you can implement to help make a real impact on the future of planet earth.

5 Planet Positive Resolutions:

  1. Travel differently (or just less frequently) – whilst the pandemic has caused us to stay at home much more than usual, and has reduced the freedom of travel, when the time comes to travel again, think about the ways in which you do so, and how frequently you do it. Transportation is a huge part of each individual’s carbon footprint, and so exploring options such as travelling by boat or train instead of plane, doing staycations, or limiting our air travel can all significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
  2. Cut the paper – trying to limit your paper usage will help preserve our planet’s tree resources. Unsubscribing from newsletters, sending e-cards, and typing notes can all help make an impact.
  3. Household changes – changes within the home can help make a real difference. Trying to shop locally, bulk buying foods, using eco-friendly cleaning products and reusing and recycling can all have a big impact on our carbon footprint and waste.
  4. Plant power – eating a plant-based diet is the single biggest way to reduce your carbon footprint. Why not try Veganuary? Or try and buy only vegan products? Did you know that all of our BOE products are vegan certified?
  5. Embrace the reusable – disposable is so last year. Whether it is a shopping bag, a face mask, wrapping paper, or packaging, disposable products are very wasteful and harmful to the planet. At BOE we are intent on making reusable products that are planet positive and will help you to embrace a greener way of living. Check out our shop here

These are just some of the resolutions and ways in which you can change your lifestyle to help protect our planet in 2021. For more tips and tricks and sustainability facts, head over and follow our Instagram @bagsofethics.

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FREE DELIVERY FROM £30 - €35 - $35