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Will face coverings become permanent?

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New regulations regarding face coverings are being introduced worldwide in an effort reduce the spread of COVID-19. As we all take gradual steps into this new way of life, the question begins to arise – will face coverings become permanent? At Bags of Ethics, we aim to provide you with the latest guidance and forecasts regarding the use and necessity of face coverings.

What is a face covering?

According to the website “a cloth face covering should cover your mouth and noise while allowing you to breathe comfortably.” Officials have advised that the general public should avoid purchasing medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) masks as these are in short supply for the NHS and other medical organisations. Face coverings can be made from scarves, bandanas or other fabric, these should have a snug fit to the face and will help to avoid the spread of the virus.

Where am I required to wear a face covering?

As of June 15, face coverings are now mandatory on all forms of public transport in England – with the exception to people with certain medical conditions such as COPD or asthma.
COVID-19 regulations vary between countries, therefore if you plan to travel out of England you should research the countries regulations before entering. The requirement of face coverings is being reviewed in other parts of the United Kingdom with the possibility of some countries deciding to also make face coverings compulsory for those visiting retail stores. Many businesses are employing their own COVID-19 precautions therefore you may be asked to wear a mask when visiting doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies, hairdressers, retail stores etc. With this in mind, it is being advised that the general public carry masks on their person when going out on trips which may involve visits to business premises.

How should I care for my face covering?

Whilst wearing your face covering you should avoid touching it or your face in order to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus. Once you have returned home wash your hands prior to taking the covering off, then wash the face mask on a delicate soapy wash in order to reduce any transfer of the virus. Face coverings purchased online should be washed and air dried prior to first use.
Download our PDF on how to care for your face covering here.

Will face coverings become a permanent way of life?

As other forms of non-essential businesses begin to reopen the requirement of face coverings may become open for discussion. As we work to create a new, safer way of life it is possible that COVID-19 regulations may become more permanent fixtures in businesses to create more hygienic spaces. This includes the face covering which is quickly becoming an opportunity for creativity and personal expression, from individuals making home-made versions to various prints being curated by top designers – all of which are filtering through to the marketplace.
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