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The UK Government as part of their COVID-19 recovery strategy have now advised, that as people begin the transition back into work and public places/transport becomes busier, face-coverings should be worn. They have suggested that they are necessary in enclosed spaces where social distancing isn’t always possible, such as on public transport when travelling to and from work, or in some shops on essential trips. They have stipulated that face-coverings are different to surgical grade facemasks, and protective healthcare equipment such as facemasks should be saved for the healthcare professionals who need them most. Instead, a face covering, made from cloth or cotton can be used not to shield the wearer from contracting the virus, but instead to protect against the accidental or inadvertent transmission of the disease from those who may have contracted it but who do not show symptoms. This government advice stipulates that “cloth face-coverings can help reduce the transmission in some circumstances”.

At Bags of EthicsTM we have produced, in collaboration with British and European Scientists and Designers, a washable, reusable face mask that is protective against droplets from coughing, sneezing, talk, dust, and pollution PM 10. It is not a medical-grade face mask, these are in short supply around the world, and are not necessary to be worn by members of the general public. Instead our face masks are made from two layers of tight weave, organic GOTS certified cotton fabric, making them protective but also comfortable for wearing and breathing. The washable cotton masks fit snugly around the nose and mouth to help keep any droplets from breathing, coughing, sneezing or speaking inside the mask. Without a mask, these droplets can travel up to 8 meters, meaning that even in spaces where social distancing is being adhered to, the virus can still be transmitted from one person to another when face coverings are not worn.

As well as meeting the necessary requirements for face coverings in order to help prevent the transmission of the disease, the reusable nature of the Bags of EthicsTM face masks helps protect the planet. Disposable face masks, if disposed of incorrectly by non-healthcare professionals can leave a devastating effect on our planet and communities due to their plastic-based materials. Our masks are all made responsibly for the benefit of the people and the planet.

Our masks are for everyone, to follow the government recommended advice and help stop the spread of the virus, whilst also protecting the planet.

For more information and to hear more about the science behind our masks, head to our website, and to shop our masks, head to

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