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How to wear face coverings with glasses?

Across the world, the wearing of face coverings has been adopted as a measure to help control the spread of the coronavirus. Face coverings are now compulsory in shops, enclosed public spaces, and on public transport. As many people get to grips with remembering a mask each time they pop to the shops, that isn’t the only issue some people face. Glasses wearers are faced with more of an issue when wearing a face covering: the fogging up of their glasses. Sadly face masks cause glasses to steam up, and people are faced with the dilemma of what to do when they have to wear a mask, but can’t actually see anything. However we have some tips that will help you avoid the dreaded misty-eyed look:

What kind of mask should I wear?

When looking to prevent the steamed frame effect, fit is extremely important. Ideally your mask needs to be fitted across the bridge of your nose, either with a wire or elastic so that it fits snugly across your face and leaves no gaps for air to sneak out.

What kind of fabric should it be made of?

While there are so many different face covering options on the market at the moment, it’s hard to know which one to go for. For the best chances of keeping your glasses fog-free, you need to opt for a finer material, such as a 100% organic cotton, which allows some air to seek through the layers instead of travelling upwards and fogging up your glasses. The thicker the material, the less air can escape through it.

Do I have to cover my nose?

To make sure that you are safely protecting yourself and others, make sure that the face covering fully covers your nose and mouth.

What else can I do?

To further prevent your glasses from steaming up, it’s best to wear a face covering with a nose strip that you can mould to the shape of your face, such as a wire, and then place the rim of your glasses over the nose strip. This way any escaping air will not travel up in front of your frames, and will further prevent them from fogging up.

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