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Christopher Raeburn Fashion Awards 2020

Christopher Raeburn, one of our leading designers who was part of our Great British Designer Face Covering project has won a Fashion Award 2020, selected as one of the Honourees of the Environment category.

This year’s awards celebrate the individuals who have created positive change within the fashion industry, as chosen by 800 key members of the international fashion industry and spanning 28 countries.

Christopher said:

“I am very humbled to have received this award given our 11 years of doing things differently at RÆBURN – putting action over words, and attracting disruptors, innovators and good troublemakers who support our vision. I think we will look back on this year and, despite the challenges, we’ll know this was the moment we woke up to our obligations. If we all work together now, not just within our industry but cross-industry, then we won’t be talking about environmental awards in the future – we will all be winning.”⁠

Enormous congratulations to Christopher Raeburn for not only winning the award, but for continuing to make waves within the sustainable fashion industry, and helping to create a better future for our planet.

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FREE DELIVERY FROM £30 - €35 - $35