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Student Blog Competition – 2018

Who can apply?
  • This competition is open to everyone including students from Art, Humanities, Sustainability departments and Student Unions from anywhere in the world.
What we are looking for:
  • Blog entries should be 1000 words minimum
  • Should include a form of imagery: e.g. illustrations, infographics or photographs
  • We invite you to write your blog on a single topic from one of these suggested themes:

    • Planet: sustainability, packaging, plastic, pollution – air, land, sea.
    • People: design, fashion, reuse, brands, style.
    • Product: innovation, prints, inks, fibres, fabrics, finishes
  • A suggested title structure would be –“how can..?/what is…?/why is…?” or “10/5/3 ways to…”/“the best ways/worst ways to…”/“top tips on…”
  • Here is an example blog to get you started:
How and where to submit your entries:
  • Please send submissions to: [email protected] and images via wetransfer as there are file size limitations via email
  • You may write and enter as many blogs as you wish to
Why should you enter?
  • To voice your opinions on sustainability issues
  • To inform readers of current environmental problems or solutions
  • The winner will receive a £500 cash prize
  • A selection of the best blog entries will be published on our website,
When to submit your entries:
  • Please ensure all entries are submitted by 16th November 2018
Successful Submissions

There are many different styles of blogs out there, but for this competition your blog should be:

  • Well written and engaging with a consistent tone of voice that is both informative and light
  • Thoughtful and thought-provoking
  • Written from a fresh and interesting point of view that adds something novel to the debate
  • Contain tips for customers and/or businesses to work with – sometimes these debates can seem rather bleak and unsolvable, so it is important to suggest viable solutions
  • Include consideration about design/aesthetics
  • And finally, it should be well informed/surveyed and referenced

Email us [email protected] and we will aim to respond within 48 hours (Monday – Friday)