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10 ways to have a Sustainable Christmas

As we edge closer and closer to the big day, we have a whole host of tips to help you make your festive season a little bit more sustainable this year.

We ran a competition in celebration of green Friday, and asked our wonderful BOE family of followers to offer ideas on how they were going to make their Christmas more sustainable this year, and they didn’t disappoint.

We’ve complied our favorites to bring you a comprehensive list of ways in which you can still have a whole host of festive fun, but without harming the planet.

1. Phone a friend– one follower said that she is planning on giving all her friends and family a quick phone call this year to wish them a Merry Christmas instead of sending cards which cause unnecessary waste. This is a great idea, especially with all that has been going on in 2020, and is something that your friends, family, and the planet will appreciate.

2. Don’t snooze on your ability to reuse – One follower said that she is going to be reusing last years wrapping paper. Just make sure you don’t rip it, give it a quick iron on a low heat under a tea towel, and it will be as good as new for you to reuse again.

3. Fabric is the way forward – many people said that they would be using scraps of fabric or old pillowcases to wrap their presents more sustainably this year.

4. Pull a cracker – one follower said that she would be making her own Christmas crackers that contain no plastic or unsustainable materials.

5. Feed off of the feast – many of you are planning to use your food leftovers to make more dishes after Christmas instead of them just ending up in the bin. How about a delicious turkey curry? Or a roasted sprout salad?

6. The gift of love – some people have agreed not to give unnecessary gifts this year, and instead are just sharing their love to help protect the planet.

7. Recycle that tree – if you have a real tree make sure that it is recycled and doesn’t just end up in landfill, or better still, buy one in a pot and keep it to bring in year after year.

8. Donate or give away unused gifts – something that wasn’t your cup of tea might just be someone else’s buried treasure, don’t just throw them away, donate to friends, families, charity shops or food banks for others to enjoy.

9. Sustainable gifting – try and buy gifts from sustainable or small businesses. We might be biased but we think our face coverings make for the perfect gift in 2020.

10. The gift that keeps on giving – our wrapping bags are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. They save the planet from unnecessary waste, and can be reused again and again by you or the recipient.


These are all ways in which you can make your Christmas a little bit greener this year. Don’t forget to continue to share your eco tips and tricks with us over on Instagram!

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