Could Seawater Dyeing be the Future of Fashion?

Could Seawater Dyeing be the Future of Fashion? Thirsty Business The fast fashion industry is often criticised for the large quantities of water it uses, pollutes and wastes. The water used to dye the clothes we wear is generally taken from rivers, streams and reservoirs local to the manufacturing units, meaning that surrounding communities must […]

4 Natural Dyes from Kitchen Waste

4 Natural Dyes from Kitchen Waste Natural dyes have been used to colour cloth for thousands of years and until 1856 when William Henry Perkin serendipitously discovered the first chemical dye – Mauve, harnessing the colours from nature was the only way for us to dye clothes. Natural dyes come in numerous forms and are […]

What the Budget means for single use plastic

“Convenient for consumers, but deadly for our wildlife and our oceans” Philip Hammond This week we witnessed Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond deliver his Budget for the coming year, with promising premises for a future less dependent on single use plastic. Hammond revealed to parliament his proposed policies for“tackling the scourge of plastic littering […]

EU Plastics ban

Image credit BBC The war against plastic took another momentous step earlier this week. The European Parliament voted 571-53 to ban many single-use plastics entirely throughout the EU by 2021. The main targets of the vote were items such as plastic cutlery, drink-stirrers, balloon sticks and cotton buds. Without wholly banning them, it has also […]