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The Bags of Ethics ™ label promotes the people and planet behind the product – the designers, farmers, tailors, consumers, and environment.

We are all responsible for how we interact with our planet, and with each other. It is an important responsibility that we carry – and not always easy to fulfil – but we at Bags of Ethics ™ believe there are some basic principles that should guide us on this journey of responsibility.

  • PEOPLE : Respect the people who design, and make the products we use – they all have needs, families, and ambitions.
  • PLANET : Respect the materials you choose – choose inks, and fabrics which are not toxic for our environment and wildlife, and reduce wastage wherever possible.
  • PRODUCT : Respect good design and make products reusable.

Bags of Ethics is a positive label that recognises manufacturers and brands that have made conscious efforts to respect people and planet across their supply chains.


You Are What You Carry ™

Respect lies at the heart of the Bags of Ethics philosophy. Respect people, planet, and product.

Bags of Ethics is most renowned for the reusable bags, and eco-packaging that are produced as alternatives to single-use plastic. Great design resides at the heart of the You Are What You Carry philosophy we have at Bags of Ethics.

  • only if a product is well designed, will consumers feel compelled to use it.
  • only if a product is well designed will consumers be able to reuse it.
  • only if a product is well designed will it not damage the environment – or at second best, reduce damage for the environment.

The reusable bags really are the walking billboards for your personal ethos – You Are What You Carry.

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Beyond Bags

But the You Are What You Carry philosophy extends far beyond bags, and calls into question how we as consumers can make conscious decisions about which brands we choose to affiliate ourselves with. We must question any practices which are not respectful towards the people who have made our products, or our planet.

Read our Bags Of Ethics Policy Checklist
This Journey Is Far From Complete

Any label that claims to be 100% sustainable, and 100% ethically made is frankly being disingenuous. The definitions of both sustainability and ethical manufacture are complex and filled with contradictions. For example, one product could be highly reusable, and durable, but may require a high amount of energy to produce it.

There are choices, and trade-offs to be made along the entire supply chain.

We would never claim that we are practitioners who have got everything right, but we do work hard to constantly improve our practices and principles.

We are working with our friends and partners to come up with simple methods for consumers and manufacturers to score how they are doing along the supply chain.

Can you help us?

We would love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world : [email protected]

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Bags of EthicsTM is a registered trademark and cannot be used without prior approval. There is a formal auditing and certification process to register for use of this label. It is illegal for anyone supplying or using this label on products which do not have formal certification. If you find improper use of the label please report directly to [email protected]