A small change – sustainable swaps for the time challenged individual

A small change  – Sustainable swaps for the time challenged individual. We live in world that is fuelled by conspicuous consumption. We constantly want more; a promotion at work, a

Amazon Rainforest – Why should we be worried?

Last week it hit the headlines that the Amazon rainforest was burning. Social media was filled with images of red hot flames ripping through the luscious forests of the Amazon

Sustainability for Students – 10 easy ways to go green as a student

With the wait for A-level results finally over, young people will be eagerly awaiting September when they will be flocking to universities across the country to start their new lives

Jo McKay

Our goal at Bags of EthicsTM is to educate, inform and inspire people to make changes to their everyday lives for the good of the planet. There are innumerable amounts

How Environmentally Aware Are You?

How Environmentally Aware Are You? Sustainability is a trending topic. It proliferates across the news and social media, and is something that is currently at the forefront of many