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About Bags of EthicsTM

Is a positive label that promotes the people and planet behind reusable products.

The BOETM community spans designers, technicians, growers, tailors, printers, packers, merchandisers, buyers, and everyone along the supply chain.

All BOETM products are designed to be reused several times from 50+ times of our reusable face masks, to our 5,000+ times for our reusable packaging, and ethical merchandise.

Our combined knowledge spans over 60,000 global clients, over 20 years, and our aim is to bring you insight into your products.

The BOETM label was created to unite consumers, businesses, and makers across three key pillars: PEOPLE, PLANET, and PRODUCT.

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Our partner factories must have the following accreditations and access to materials which are certified. Not all products produced with the Bags of EthicsTM label, however, will be Organic or Fairtrade, as some brands are not able to afford the upcharge. However, all cotton has to come from naturally irrigated farms. For more information email

Champion. Don’t preach

We exist to champion best practices, by people and brands that are trying hard to do their bit for our planet. Sustainability is an overused buzzword that has many nuances in its definition. These nuances can create complexities in terms of targets to work on for example water consumption, CO2 levels, or amount of microplastics found in the ocean. Inertia can occur, as brands get fearful about being labelled as just “greenwashing”. And, although greenwashing is present in the world, we want to create a safe space to start an open discussion about where we are at, where you are at, and where we can go together.

Start Somewhere

Our humble reusable bags have become iconic consumer products for sustainability.

We hear of how people reuse their bags in 5,000+ ways: for shopping in London, at the gym in New York, for carrying their pets around in Paris, for composting in farmland in India, for reusing as dishcloths in Germany. This can then kickstart other consumer behaviour changes like eating less meat, or making conscious decisions about which brands to wear, or which holidays are good to go on.

We are all about making sustainability easy.

Easy Tips

For over 15 years we have had exclusive access to audits at factories, product designers, senior academics, and influential journalists who have shed light on managing the demand and supply of reusable products, and services. We at Bags of EthicsTM are now sharing our insights across the supply chain in easy tips that can be embraced in your daily lives.

We invite you to collaborate with us, so that we can learn and share together.

Want in? Hell yeh!


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