7 stages of the fashion industry and how they impact people and nature

The fast fashion industry is controversial, lucrative and ubiquitous. Valued at £2.3 trillion and employing approximately 60 million people worldwide in its supply chains, it often sparks debate on issues such as environmental and socioeconomic sustainability. After oil, the textile business is the most environmentally destructive form of enterprise and in terms of both industrial […]

Could Seawater Dyeing be the Future of Fashion?

Could Seawater Dyeing be the Future of Fashion? Thirsty Business The fast fashion industry is often criticised for the large quantities of water it uses, pollutes and wastes. The water used to dye the clothes we wear is generally taken from rivers, streams and reservoirs local to the manufacturing units, meaning that surrounding communities must […]

Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

Image Credits: BBC Earlier this week the BBC aired another environmentally-related documentary – this time dealing with the fraught topic of fashion and its impacts on the planet. Stacey Dooley, who takes a lead role within the programme goes to Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Copenhagen to try and uncover ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’. First, we are taken […]