Food safety and reusable bags

Recent revelations in the UK news look at new concerns for food safety when using bags for life. The government’s food safety watchdog has warned that harmful bacteria can gather in these plastic bags if used for meats and fish. Moreover, the fact that these bags last for a ‘life’and are used more frequently than standard plastic bags is an additional concern for consumers who choose to reuse.

To avoid food contamination The Food Standards Agency has suggested shoppers use separate bags for raw foods, ready-to-eat foods and household items such as detergent. This tried and tested technique has been around since before the 5p level started – but is a new solution for reusable bag users.

All of our custom made bags can be ordered with custom labels on request. The label on this Tesco bag is a helpful feature allowing shoppers a convenient way to differentiate between raw meat and other food products or domestic items. Other solutions include colour coding, labeling reusable bags to avoid mix-ups, and cleaning bags frequently. Additionally our standard jute bags and canvas plus bags are available with a wipable lining inside; allowing for convenient and safe cleaning.

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