EU Plastics ban

Image credit BBC The war against plastic took another momentous step earlier this week. The European Parliament voted 571-53 to ban many single-use plastics entirely throughout the EU by 2021. The main targets of the vote were items such as plastic cutlery, drink-stirrers, balloon sticks and cotton buds. Without wholly banning them, it has also […]

Fashion’s Dirty Secrets

Image Credits: BBC Earlier this week the BBC aired another environmentally-related documentary – this time dealing with the fraught topic of fashion and its impacts on the planet. Stacey Dooley, who takes a lead role within the programme goes to Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Copenhagen to try and uncover ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’. First, we are taken […]


Reusable bags Did you know our bags can be reused over 5,000 times? They are made from strong, sustainable materials and come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore we can create a reusable bag of any design that can be used over and over. They are perfect alternatives to plastic bags and packaging. Why providing […]