UK Government to Bring in New Controls on Single-Use Plastic Items

UK government announces that it will introduce new controls on single-use plastic items from April 2020 in England. The measure covers plastic straws, plastic drinks-stirrers, and plastic cotton buds. This is to limit ocean and sea pollution following the raised public awareness of marine protection in the BBC production “Blue Planet” by acclaimed environmentalist Sir […]

So-Called “Biodegradable” Plastic Bags Shown to Survive 3yrs at Sea and in Soil

Recent research has revealed that single-use plastic carrier bags claiming to be “biodegradable” may not be so ecofriendly after all. In fact, some of the experiment’s variables were still able to function as shopping bags after spending 3 years exposed to the elements. The unprecedented study tested compostable bags, two types of biodegradable bag and […]