What the Budget means for single use plastic

“Convenient for consumers, but deadly for our wildlife and our oceans” Philip Hammond This week we witnessed Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond deliver his Budget for the coming year, with promising premises for a future less dependent on single use plastic. Hammond revealed to parliament his proposed policies for“tackling the scourge of plastic littering […]

Student Blog Competition – 2018

Who can apply? This competition is open to everyone including students from Art, Humanities, Sustainability departments and Student Unions from anywhere in the world. What we are looking for: Blog entries should be 1000 words minimum Should include a form of imagery: e.g. illustrations, infographics or photographs We invite you to write your blog on […]

5 Ways Your Choice of Carrier Bag Affects Environmental Sustainability

How to minimise damage to the planet while you shop There is little doubt that human activity and its unprecedented rate of convenience-driven consumption is having a serious effect on the environment. Whilst issues such as rising sea levels, dwindling wildlife species and melting icecaps seem daunting and too large to deal with on our […]

5 Plastic-free Solutions for a Promising Future of Packaging

Plastic packaging is absolutely everywhere. Whether we want to or not, most of us come into contact with some form of plastic packaging or another multiple time a day. Small, big, fine, thick, plastic in plastic, plastic on plastic, single-use, reusable…it is hard to escape. Something that is also hard to escape, is the material’s […]