About Bags of EthicsTM

Bags of EthicsTM make reusable bags for the best brands in the world, by the most amazing community of people. Our reusable bags are used by some of the world’s best brands – at events, for packaging, and for retail. We work in partnership with Supreme Creations, the world’s largest ethical manufacturer of reusable bags. Together with Supreme Creations we have worked with over 50,000 global clients inlcuding Topshop, Tesco, River Island, Nike and Google.
Bags of EthicsTM label and trademark sets a new standard for ethical manufacture. Our textile bags are made out of natural materials, are eco-friendly and can be reused over 5,000 times. The Bags of EthicsTM label ensures that your product has been produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly factory.Bags of EthicsTM  continues to be a recognizable label promoting safer factory conditions, worker rights, pay and employment policies for those along the supply chain.


Our History

During 2007 high profile criticism of environmentally friendly supermarket bags focused on claims of cheap labour and unethical manufacture. Clearly environmental and ethical values are positioned close together in people’s minds and increasingly manufacturers of reusable and sustainable products are being asked about their ethics.


Our Aims

REPLACE single-use carrier bags with well-designed, reusable, eco-friendly and ethically-manufactured alternatives.

REMIND ourselves of the importance of helping the environment. Every time we reuse a bag, we are doing our little bit to reduce waste.

REWARD those who are performing good social-deeds, be they consumers or charities.


Our Policy

The Bags of Ethics label ensures your bag was produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly factory. Standards for manufactures that carry the Bags of Ethics label stipulate that they must comply with our strict criteria. 

All products carrying the Bags of Ethics mark must meet standards developed and set by our certification committee. The products with the Bags of EthicsTM mark or label undergo stringent checks in terms of strength testing and colour testing, so that the product is useful and durable for the consumer.

Certified factories must meet all the standards for which they are audited and the standard are regularly reviewed by the standards committee. We use cotton that is spun, and woven in audited conditions. The inks used to print the bags are REACH compliant, and comply with stringent European standards, on preventing harmful effluents into the environment.

Standards for manufacturers that carry the Bags of Ethics label stipulate that they must comply with the criteria set out in our policy document. Click here to view our full policy.

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